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Here, I just want to give a shout out to any sources I may use in my posts. I’ll update this when I use new ones as needed. Thanks so much for the wonderful people who have made these sources available, and thank you God for the divinely inspired revelation found in the Bible, my chief source of truth!!

All of my posts will reference and use the King James Version of the Bible. I feel this is the only version that can be trusted, and is the only version I use and read. I have, however, read the NIV versions, as well as ESV, and the New King James. I have done comparison studies of the NIV and the KJV, and find the KJV to be far more accurate. I’ve noticed entire sentences missing in the NIV. If you read the NIV, I urge you to at least compare with the KJV for a more accurate study and understanding.


Open Bible

Bible Gateway

The King James Bible

Learn the Word of God – Lots of good information and articles on this site!!

The Lord’s Prayer in Several Translations/Versions

Online Christian Book Store – A great online resource for purchasing hard copy bibles and other books!!

The King James Book Store – A great online store dedicated to only King James related materials!!

Bibles – Your all – in – one stop for bibles!!

Bible Readings for the Home – My version is from 1949, the only one I could find online was from 1963 with 300 scripture topics.

Answers in Genesis – My source for many of my previous and upcoming Creation Theory essays.

The Case for the Resurrection – A great little read!

Medical Studies of the Crucifixion – Great website detailing some of the medical aspects of Jesus’ ordeal.

A Physician’s View of the Crucifixion of Jesus Christ – Nice little step by step of Jesus’ crucifixion detailed by a physician.

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