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August 29, 2012

Hello, everyone!

My name is Jay, and I am here to share in the Word of the Lord with all of you! I hope to see a growing congregation, and an active one! Please, feel free to share and post whatever you like. Starting soon, I will be posting weekly updates about a particular section, or verse of the Bible. I hope to then spend a week going through it and learning more about it, and especially to hear YOUR takes on the scriptures as well. I’ll put something together soon, and update my first posting, and we’ll go from there! I hope we can have some fulfilling discussions about the scriptures, and I look forward to reading your own thoughts and feelings about God as well.

You can check the About page to learn more about me, and also to find links to my Facebook and Twitter pages. I will update these regularly too. Please, have patience with me. I am new to the scriptures, and completely new to any form of ministry, as well as blogging in general. I will do my best, but practice makes perfect. I look forward to growing spiritually with each and every one of you!!!

And please, don’t think of this as a replacement church or anything like that. I would love to start my own, especially with the difficulties I face in choosing a particular denomination. However, that takes money that I simply don’t have right now. So, this is the path I believe God would like for me to take, at least for now. I would love for followers of my blog to give me insights into their particular choice of denomination, and possibly why they chose it. It would certainly be a big help to me on my spiritual journey.


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